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Seasonal Build Contest

-contest is free to enter and participate for everyone

-simply start playing and building your structure on The Paranoid SMP Server

-join anytime from start, until 09.06.2024

-build any structure of your liking on The Paranoid SMP server, and be voted the best, by the judges

-make sure that your structure survives

-send the coordinates and your Discord to the member of The Team no later than 09.06.2024 08.00pm (GMT)

1st place-1 Month of Discord Nitro, 10.000$ in-game

2nd place-“Expert” Rank Key

3rd place-45.000$ in-game

(If no Discord, then Master Rank key and 50.000$ for the 1st place)

-teams are allowed, with no limits, although, max 1 Nitro will be gifted per team

-complete freedom on what you build, farms also count

-the judges, will include The Paranoid SMP team, and member of the community voted by community to be the judge

-if the rules are not followed, you will be disqualified

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